You make my heart burn.

You told me lies and called it poetry. 

I am not a cigarette. 

You can not 

light me up 
and step on me when you’re done. 

I am a vast mind and a beating heart. 

There is an entire universe 
under my skin.

(Okänd författare från tumblr).

You just don't get it.

Niagra Falls Jumper Explains | Karla Huston.

I wasn’t trying to kill myself,
not really.

It was just there:

the water and the falling
music of it.

I was in need

of that sort of rush,
a sort of deathsong baptism
like the day I drove across
a bridge and had this urge
to accelerate and aim
for the side, dive over
the abutment and rush past
every temptation.

I just closed my eyes and mouth
and let the water hold me,
the cold cocoon of it
tumbling and throwing me
against everything
that had ever gone wrong.


We were just
dead set on
saving each other,
that doesn’t mean
it wasn’t real.


När inte ens sömn är en undanflykt.

Jag hugger in min kärlek
i en sten i skogen
döljer den med ris och mossa.
Går du där förbi
i en annan tid
skall min viskning nå dig
utan att du förstår hur.

Urban Andersson.

Men det äter upp dig när du ligger i din säng; åh gud det gör så ont att nåt så nära kan va så långt bort.


And I love the sound of your voice / I wish I was kissing you instead of missing you.

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